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So, who exactly are The Invisible Navvies of Utopia? What do we know about these shy, retiring creatures? Read on and find out or you could even read the Bury Free Press and see what they had to say by clicking here or read Terry Walden's review of the gig at The Rising sun

Joe Bogggs thinks he plays a guitar and does a bit of singing at you as well - in G or G with a capo. If pressed he will reluctantly talk to you. Be that on your own head. Deprogrammed at the prestigious Ballinaclash School of Economics he studied Pathocracy, Sleight-of-Hand and the Origins of Money. He lives in a self-built thatched mud cottage in the Wicklow Mountains, works 2-4 hours per day digging his food and drawing water. His lawn is wheat in summer, barley in winter. His water feature is a well. He travels by ass and cart, often sleeping en-route in the cart. The donkey is light-years ahead of satellite navigation when hungry. Bogggs is a one-man Celtic clan; you may join him if you pull your weight and barter, but he can’t handle a stampede right now. If people don’t applaud, he does a lot of singing, so bear that in mind

Steve Martin (no, not that Steve Martin, the other one) hails from the West Country and plays the Bass Guitar. He also twiddles the knobs for everyone in the band and plugs things into other things. If we don't play very well he sometimes unplugs from other things as well, which is often for the best.

Brendan Routledge was invented at a very early age and just keeps getting older. He is a mean Bouzouki player but quite generous in many other ways. Sometimes he plays the Guitar and the Mandolin but only if no-one is listening, which is most of the time. And if they are listening, well they soon stop and find something nicer to listen to. When Brendan wants to listen to something nicer he usually turns to Kate Rusby, Cara Dillon, Andy Cutting, Bill Jones, Michael McGoldrick, John McCusker, Martin Simpson, Karine Polwart, Altan, Bruce Springsteen, K T Tunstall, Flook, Led Zeppelin, Eddi Reader and Mumford & Sons.

Sarah Moss has been playing the fiddle since about half-past three which is incredible when you hear how good she is. Her best friend at the moment is someone called 'Dirty Old Tom' but I think she prefers to keep that a secret so please don't tell anyone. She has been heard to sing from time to time and we were recently informed (by a very reliable source) that when she was younger her singing once made someone cry. So don't say we didn't warn you!

Ann Harvey Following a boom in the price of yeast in Eastern Block countries in the early 90's, Ann made a reasonable pile of cash which she used to invest heavily in the underground ferret fighting industry in Six Mile Bottom. Unfortunately, her partner in this venture, unknown to Ann, had become addicted to mink flavour tofu and she had to flee the country. She is currently living under an assumed name somewhere near Turku in Finland , making occasional visits to East Anglia incognito as Ann Harvey of the Invisible Navvies, and to teach the good schoolchildren of Bury St Edmunds.  Anyone wanting to contact her, just remember the codeword is 'Ryvita'.  If anyone makes it out to Wickham Skeith she would be very interested. Of late Ann has been experimenting with a new and revolutionary instrument holder when on stage - visit our picture gallery to see more of this incredible device!

Birgitta Campbell-Johnston hails from the Norwich area and is the person in the band that calls the dances. She doesn't always call them from Norwich, you understand. Sometimes, she gets in her car and actually drives to the ceili to do that bit which saves her having to shout quite so loud. If the dances are going really well she will sometimes pick up her fiddle and play some of the tunes too but only if the dances are going really well ....... so she doesn't get to play the fiddle much then.